Free delivery on orders over specific prices depending on postcode.

£30.00 -  £70.00 delivery fee depending on postcodes 

Please note: Small deliveries under £199 may not be eligible for priority 'same day/next day' slots.

Urgent same day delivery depending on postcode.

Express next day delivery depending on postcode.



Once your order has been placed, one of our team members will be in contact with you to arrange a date/time that is convenient for your order to be delivered to you. For orders under £199, the order will be booked into an available time slot within the 5-day timeframe stated at checkout. We strive to accommodate your scheduling preferences and ensure a smooth delivery process tailored to your needs.


Deliveries will be scheduled for the MORNING, AFTERNOON, or EVENING timeframe. However, specific delivery times cannot be guaranteed.

If we are unable to deliver on the agreed day, due to unforeseen circumstances. We will promptly notify the purchaser as soon as we become aware of the situation. The purchaser must provide a daytime and/or evening contact phone number that will be available whilst the goods are being delivered.

Should you desire the placement of your delivery within your front garden or driveway, we shall endeavour to facilitate such placement, contingent upon considerations of distance and accessibility from the public road. It is important to acknowledge that such placement remains solely at the discretion of the delivery personnel. If such placement is infeasible, delivery shall be limited to the kerbside, requiring you to assume full responsibility for the relocation of the delivered items from the public road to your premises.

For orders including fencing posts 8 ft or longer, the customer or a representative must be present at the time of delivery to assist the driver in unloading the posts. If no assistance is available, the driver may be unable to deliver the posts and they will be returned to London Fencing Supplies at the customer's expense. No refunds will be provided for undelivered posts if no unloading assistance is available.

As it is kerbside delivery it does not need to be signed for, once delivery has been delivered, all liability is passed onto you.

Offloading over walls, fencing, or similar structures will only be attempted if the driver determines it is feasible to do so. The driver’s decision in this regard will be final and based on safety considerations.

To ensure a smooth delivery process, please inform us of any potential obstructions that may pose difficulties, such as overhead power cables or road access problems.

The company cannot accept responsibility for any costs incurred by purchasers due to non-delivery or delayed delivery of goods.

We appreciate your cooperation in providing this information to facilitate a successful delivery.


Catchment Area's & Pricing

Delivery fee - £30.00 if order is under £150

East London & North London

E1 - E22, N1 - N22, EN1 - EN11.


IG1 - IG11.


Delivery fee - £35.00 if order is under £500

London & Greater London

NW1 - NW11, NW26, W2 - W14, SW1 - SW20, SE2 - SE28, HA0 - HA9.


RM1 - RM12.


WD3 - WD25.


Delivery fee - £40.00 if order is under £500


RM13 - RM20.


SS0 - SS99.

St. Albans

AL1 - AL10.


BR1 - BR8.


CM1 - CM77.


DA1 - DA18.

Hemel Hempstead

HP1 - HP27.


Delivery fee Inside London Congestion Charge Zone - £45.00 if order is under £500

Central London

EC1 - EC4, SE1, SE11, SW1, SW1V,  SW1W, SW1X, W1, WC1 - WC2.


Delivery fee - £50.00 if order is under £500

Kingston upon Thames

KT1 - KT24.


LU1 - LU7.

Rochester/ Medway

ME1 - ME20.


SG1 - SG19.

Windsor and Maidenhead

SL0 - SL9.


SM1 - SM7.


TN1, TN2, TN4, TN7, TN8, TN9, TN10, TN11, TN13, TN14, TN15, TN16.


TW1 - TW20.

Uxbridge/ Southall

UB1 - UB18.


CR0 - CR9.


Delivery fee - £60.00 if order is under £750


CB1 - CB25.


Delivery fee - £70 if order is under £750


IP1 - IP33.


CO1 - CO16.


CT1 - CT21.


TN3, TN5, TN6, TN12, TN17, TN18, TN19, TN20, TN21, TN22, TN23, TN24, TN25, TN26, TN27, TN28, TN29, TN30, TN31, TN32, TN33, TN34, TN35, TN36, TN37, TN38, TN39, TN40.

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