6 Inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board
zoomed in 6 Inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board

6 Inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board

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Introducing the "Durable 6-Inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board" - Elevate Your Fence's Foundation with Uncompromising Strength and Protection!

Experience the pinnacle of durability and functionality with our 6-Inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board. As a trusted fencing material supplier, we are excited to offer you a product that seamlessly combines the strength of concrete with thoughtful design, ensuring your fence enjoys a solid and lasting foundation.

Key Features:
1. Unyielding Resilience: Our 6-Inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board is crafted from high-quality concrete, ensuring unparalleled strength and robustness. Designed to withstand the test of time and various environmental conditions, it safeguards your fence with unmatched reliability.

2. Enhanced Protection: The recessed design of the gravel board adds an extra layer of protection to your fence. It keeps the fence panels elevated, preventing direct contact with moisture and potential ground decay, ensuring the longevity of your fence.

3. Thoughtful Dimensions: With a width of 6 inches, our gravel board offers substantial coverage and support for your fence. This size ensures a solid and stable base, preventing sagging and prolonging the life of your fence panels.

4. Versatile Fit: The 6-Inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board harmonizes effortlessly with various fence styles. Whether you're building a panel fence, a feather edge fence, or a decorative enclosure, its adaptability ensures a seamless integration.

5. Weather-Resistant: Concrete's inherent durability combined with the recessed design ensures your gravel board remains steadfast against weather elements. This feature prevents moisture buildup, reducing the risk of decay and maintaining the integrity of your fence.

6. Eco-Conscious Choice: Our commitment to sustainability extends to our products. The 6-Inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board is designed to last, minimizing the need for replacements and reducing waste over time.


Elevate your fence's foundation with the unmatched strength and protection of our 6-Inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board. Secure your fence investment with a foundation that ensures both stability and longevity.

Order your 6-Inch Recessed Concrete Gravel Board today and experience the fusion of durability and practicality. If you have any questions or need assistance, our friendly customer support team is here to help. Choose the superior choice for your fence's foundation - opt for our reliable Recessed Concrete Gravel Board!

Width: 6 inches (Approximately 152.4mm)
Length: 6 foot (Approximately 1830mm)
Gravel Board Type: Recessed Concrete Gravel Board
Material: Premium Quality Concrete
Colour: Natural Grey
Weight: 22kg