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Zoomed in Fence Panel Cap -  Pressure Treated Brown

Fence Panel Cap - Pressure Treated Brown

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Elevate Your Fencing with our Fence Panel Caps 

Add a refined, finished look to your traditional garden fencing with our panel caps. Designed to perfectly top off 6ft fence panels for superior weather protection and aesthetics. Approximately 1.8m long.

The steep angled pitch encourages optimal water runoff to prevent saturation. Keep your fence boards in pristine condition against the elements.

Expertly crafted from quality pressure treated softwoods with a rich brown toned finish. Complements natural wood fencing while providing enhanced durability.

Easily affix to the top of new or existing fence panels with galvanized nails or screws. Create a cohesive linear boundary or privacy screen with a subtle capping detail.

Get the upscale, heritage-style garden fencing you’ve always wanted. Our 1.828m caps enhance the look of any outdoor space, from country estates to suburban yards.

Stop weather and moisture from eroding the tops of your fence. Extend the life and heighten the beauty of boundaries, edges, and garden focal points with these easy-to-install pressure treated caps.

Order your set today and refresh tired fencing with a custom finishing touch. Enjoy many years of superb protection and elevated aesthetics.

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